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Spring & Summer Fragrances

In the pic: Day by The White Company

Put away your Winter scents and choose your new perfumes for spring and summer!

In the pic: Issey Miyake

Winter was angry and aggressive this year but we are now ready for the hot weather, or at least pretend; considering the rain and chilly temperature in most of the European countries.

 When it comes to perfumes and fragrances we are all very different but I think the majority of us prefer something fresh. Whether is citrusy or floral we just don’t want to get overwhelmed with the smell of a heavy fragrance.
Listed below you have some new and old perfumes. They are all tested out, some of them I have had for years and keep buying them. As per usual I want to satisfy all pockets because I am a sucker for a good fragrance that doesn’t cost a fortune!

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