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Welcome back on my blog, today I’m going to talk about floral, and how to wear it.

Who doesn’t have at least one floral t-shirt, skirt or dress in her wardrobe?

I have to be honest, I have just few things but I really love floral. As you seen on the catwalks is going to be a proper MUST, and is always a big trend as soon as the spring comes. But how we need to wear it to make the outfit current and being very fashion? Here we go some tricks for you!
1) Floral + stripes
Is the most popular trend and I really suggest you to try it. Just one thing: try to match the floral skirt, with a stripes t-shirt which contains white and one of the color of the skirt 😉
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2) Floral skirt + black
This match is absolutely PERFECT for the evening, especially if you use a  black satin t-shirt or shirt and a nice pair of hearings.
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3) Pencil floral skirt
This match is perfect for the office, with a basic t-shirt and high heels, or flat shoes for free time, use a black top for the evening (as above).
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4) Floral blazer
A floral blazers can gives a color and a fresh tone to your outfit.
They are very nice on jeans and white t-shirt for a casual outfit, and they can also be very elegant for a day ceremony with a monocrome dress.
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5) Floral event dress
I want to show you this AMAZING dresses on black base, for a special event and ceremony.
6) Revisitation of floral by VALENTINO
Chic and casual 😉
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