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10 things to get exited about in Fall

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When summer winds down is time to concentrate on Autumn. This beautiful and inspiring season. I put together all the things that I love about it, so let yourself get inspired!!
1 Layers
As soon as a bit of cold hits, we can’t deny that the first thought is layers, nice and comfy jumpers and sweaters along with hoodies. As far as fashion fall is very inspiring and we all agree on this!
2 Fall foliage
One of the best thing is walking around parks and admire the beautiful leaves changing colors, the greens leave way to reds, oranges and yellows.  If you live on the beach, plan a weekend getaway!
3 Thinking about christmas 
What is a best thought than the idea of Christmas. Start thinking about decorations, Christmas threes, and finally again Sturbuck’s hot chocolate!
4 Apple picking
Head over to local apple orchard to pick your own apples that can later be turned into delicious homemade pies, muffins, and cider.
5 New TV shows starting
After a long summer break we are all excited for new movies coming out, this means “Pizza and cinema” on a Sunday evening, or a Saturday evening for who like me doesn’t like clubbing 😃
6 Baking
Baking in fall is probably one of the most favorite thing to do on a chilled, maybe rainy afternoon. The smell of Apple crumble and cinnamon baking in the oven, while watching a movie is just such a nice way to spend time!
7 Fall walks
The nice ‘’not too cold, not too hot’’ autumn breeze, that makes having a walk in a park or a street full of leaves an amazing experience!
8 Pumpkins patches
 Pumpkin cakes, cookies and soups! and there is nothing better than picking your own pumpkin to bring home for Halloween, or just set it out as your seasonal decor!
9 Candles
Reading a book or having a long relaxing bath with the smell of your favorite candles! YES PLEASE!
10 Halloween
The magic of Halloween with parties, DIY, candies and spooky pumpkin faces!
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